-Art In Public Places

This is an initiative of the Elora Arts Council. Its purpose is to enrich exterior and interior spaces in our community with the vibrancy and beauty of visual art.

Art in the Municipal Building



Winter Bales

Artist's Statement

Growing up in a family of artists I have always loved to draw, paint and sculpt. This led me to study at the School of Visual Arts in New York where I graduated with a degree in Animation. For the last ten years I have worked as a professional animator, first at Aardman Animation (Creature Comforts) in Bristol, UK and more recently at Laika Studios in Portland, OR (Coraline and various television commercials). I am now setting up shop in Elora, Ontario. Attending painting workshops in Woodstock, NY and Provincetown, MA has served to re-ignite my interest in plein air painting. I have found subject matter that interests me in Oregon, Cape Cod, New York City and now especially Southern Ontario. For the past year I have been concentrating on paintings that capture the drama and light effects of the area. My goal is to maintain a balance between the more commercial world of graphics and animation on one hand and the true spirit of nature on the other.


Art in the Lobby of Groves Memorial Hospital

Till Mid-April

Artwork from Donations to the Elora Arts Council

This unique photography of the Monklands Mill in Fergus was donated to EAC by Fergus photographer Patrice Drury.

It was framed by David Wilcox and can be viewed in the lobby of Groves Hospital.

The photograph is a fundraiser for EAC, please contact us if you wish to buy.


Art in the Day Surgery Corridor

A new display of children's art

11 paintings by Ava MacKay, a grade 5 student .

Ava Mackay is 10 and lives in Fergus. She is a fast, creative painter, sometimes inventing her subjects and sometimes working from photos or cartoon sources. She makes her paintings at STUDIOHERE, Fergus.


Art in the Boardrooms of the Fergus Sportsplex




Nathan Gatten is a 23 yr. old artist who may be found painting with both hands at STUDIOHERE in Fergus, favouring oil on birch panels. His paintbrush is a barrier breaker inviting connection. When health and Autism Spectrum limited participation in school and other activities at 12 years of age, he found lasting friendship and growth in the local arts community. In his series "The One You Feed' based on the Cherokee Legend "Two Wolves", Nathan paints the choices he makes every day that sustain him. This series has brought an overwhelming response connecting him with pet lovers from near and far sharing their stories and photos. (Nathan's 9 pound furball Shih Tzu Jake is a big supporter!) Nathan hopes to use this series to raise funds for the Centre Wellington Food Bank knowing that this is a resource any one of us may need at any time.
Nathan experiences art as travel. Around the world or otherworldly. In his Celestial Series, his paintbrush pushes past four walls exploring distant towering pillars of gas, the birthplace of stars and light, and giant swirling clusters of planets and stars; the makings of a galaxy. Nathan states "In order to even begin to understand such things, I must keep an open mind that anything is possible, and that alone is a good reminder for me." His sense of connection deepens. Painting celestial subjects "gives me a feeling of unity. Being part of everything. A sense of peace and freedom. As a child, I imagined space travel as gliding, flying, running through snowflakes. Feeling porous. For me, imagination is that stepping stone to knowledge. When my father was a child, artists were asked to do their own interpretations of galactic phenomena existing only in theory. In the 21st Century, technology is producing spectacular images that continue to catch us off guard. Hubble photographs reveal otherworldly wonders.

We are still in this initial awe. I want to embrace that awe in my own life and continue to explore where my paintbrush can take me." Nathan enjoys sharing his work with others most of all. His art currently hangs in homes across Canada and the U.S., with collective and solo showings since 2013. (10 Carden, Kloepfer Gallery, HOOP-LA, Joint Cafe, Victoria Park East Golf Club & East End Library in Guelph, R&R Printing, Gatten Chiropractic, Centre Wellington Sportsplex & STUDIOHERE in Fergus and Rockwood Library.) Nathan is proud to be a core artist with Eden Mills Arts Festival. Nathan values all who make art more "possible." In this spirit, he cofounded an interactive arts program called Farmer Fern for people of all abilities, was a speaker, advocate and volunteer for KidzCreate; an inclusive arts process for children and offered "Nathan's Garden" at the Guelph Enabling Garden for nature-themed community arts activities. He participated in the Community of Hearts collaborative mural on overcoming barriers through the Oak Tree Project. In 2014, Nathan received the Guelph Arts Youth Opportunities Award which he used to increase mentoring opportunities for young, aspiring artists as a way to pay it forward. He encourages all those feeling limited and isolated by life situations to reach out with hope and creativity. Nathan expresses deep appreciation to Meredith Blackmore and STUDIOHERE, FERGUS (shout out to the Thursday Night Painters!) and his family for supporting his dreams and this show


Art In the Window Of Greg Oakes' Office, Geddes St., Elora



Photos of Profiled Artists from EAC's Newsleter Communiuqe

From 1985 to 2016.


Elora En Plein Air Festival Promotion



supported by artists and the entirely volunteer work of the Elora Arts Council for over 18 years